Cross Bailey Red Ballpoint Pen plus 2 Ballpoint refillls

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ΝΕΟ Cross Bailey Red Ballpoint Pen plus 2 Ballpoint refillls
  • Red and Chrome finish
  • Polished chrome appointments
  • Patented twist-action propel/repel feature
  • Specially formulated Cross ink flows flawlessly for a superior writing experience
  • Includes 1 Black Medium Ballpoint Refill (#8513) in pen
Executive quality and style
A simple articulation of modern Cross design, this elegant writing instrument features a traditional well-balanced profile in a selection of sophisticated finishes. A multi-grooved center ring with deep-cut engraved accents adds just the right amount of flair.
  • Traditional, well-balanced design
  • Distinctive cap-over-barrel styling
  • Multi-grooved center ring with deep-cut engraving accents

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