Lego Star Wars 75128

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Lego Star Wars 75128

Go on the hunt for microfighter rebels! Enter action-packed battle with this TIE Advanced Prototype microfighter collectible, featuring folding wings, dual flick missiles and space to sit the included TIE Pilot minifigure with blaster pistol. 
• Includes a TIE Pilot minifigure
• Features movable wings, dual flick missiles and an open cockpit with space for a minifigure to sit
• Fire the flick missiles for exciting space conflict
• Includes a blaster pistol and extra flick missile ammo
• Also includes a TIE Pilot helmet
• Match up with Hera Syndulla’s 75127 The Ghost microfighter for space-themed duels
• As featured in the Star Wars Rebels animated TV series
• Makes a great addition to any microfighter collectible set
• Measures (with wings unfolded) over 2” (7cm) high, 1” (5cm) long and 3” (8cm) wide

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