Cross Beverly Black Lacquer Ballpoint Pen

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ΝΕΟ Cross Beverly Black Lacquer Ballpoint Pen
Elegance redefined.
Uniquely contemporary and beautifully feminine, Cross Beverly makes writing a pure delight. Polished chrome details and a delicately curved clip add interest to its sleek profile. Use it to express your creativity both on paper and in life.
  • Sophisticated finishes
  • Contemporary clip design
  • Perforated accents in polished chrome
  • Presented in a gift box
  • Lifetime Mechanical Guarantee


  • A sophisticated black lacquer with polished chrome appointments


  • Click-off cap
  • Stainless steel fountain pen nib in medium or fine width options
  • Specially formulated ink flows flawlessly and dries quickly
  • Includes two black fountain pen cartridges (refill #8921) that are as neat and easy to replace as a ballpoint or rollerball refill.
  • Optional converter available (#8756) to fill pen from bottled ink

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