Lego City 60102

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Lego City 60102

Prepare for takeoff with LEGO® City's Airport VIP Service, featuring a private plane with accessible interior and turning nosewheel, private limousine with ice cream, plus an airport service vehicle and additional accessory elements. Includes 4 minifigures.

  • Includes 4 minifigures: a businesswoman, pilot, limousine driver and an airport service worker.
  • Features a private plane with accessible interior and turning nosewheeel, private limousine with accessible interior, and a private airport service vehicle.
  • Accessory elements include a laptop, glass, croissant, ice cream and a walkie-talkie.
  • Drive the private limousine around and make sure the businesswoman arrives on time to the loading area.
  • This set offers an age-appropriate buildingexperience for ages 5 and over.
  • Private plane measures over 4” (12cm) high, 12” (31cm) long and 12” (33cm) wide.
  • Limousine measures over 1” (4cm) high, 8” (21cm) long and 1” (4cm) wide.
  • Airport service vehicle measures over 1” (4cm) high, 2” (7cm) long and 1” (4cm) wide.

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