Cross Edge Jet Black Gel Ink Pen

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ΝΕΟ Cross Edge Jet Black Gel Ink Pen

Slide into ActionTwisting and Clicking, Not Necessary. Playing, Necessary.

For those that want to have a little fun while getting down to business, this capless rollerball pen combines performance and practicality with play-ability. Just slide it open, unleash your thoughts, and then snap it shut. Slide open. Snap shut. Slide open. Snap shut. You won't be able to resist the temptation to play with the new Cross® Edge.
  • Capless rollerball pen, available in purple, red, blue or black ink
  • Converts to ballpoint pen simply by changing refill
  • Innovative slide-open technology for single-handed operation
  • Encased in stylish metallic fusion resin
  • Punched-out logo detailing on clip
  • Lifetime mechanical guarantee
  • Premium Gift Box


  • Metallic fusion resin provides style and sophistication Polished chrome center and appointments


  • Innovative capless slide-and-snap mechanism
  • Exclusive Gel Ink Rollerball formula flows flawlessly for a smooth writing experience
  • Includes 1 Black Gel Ink Rollerball Refill (#8523) in pen
  • New Gel Ink Rollerball Refills available in Red (#8013) and Purple (#8014)
  • Can easily be converted to a ballpoint by using Jumbo Medium Ballpoint Refill (#8562-1)

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