Cross Clessic Century Medalist Ballpoint Pen

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ΝΕΟ Cross Clessic Century Medalist Ballpoint Pen

Forever ClassicAn icon of American design and innovation. The choice of movers, shakers and ground breakers since 1946.

Does form follow function? Or does function drive form? Whatever your point of view, Classic Century delivers. Its sleek profile and patented twist-action barrel sparked a design revolution. Generations later passionate fans remain loyal to the iconic silhouette, while trendsetters appreciate its authenticity. Cool comes full circle.
  • Lifetime mechanical guarantee
  • Premium Gift Box


  • A winning combination of polished chrome and 23 Karat gold-plated appointments
  • Subtle incised line pattern


  • Swivel-action propel/repel feature
  • Black, medium ballpoint; comes with specially formulated ink that flows flawlessly for a superior writing experience
  • Takes refill #8513; other ink colors and widths also available

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